Customer name
Latvijas Gāze Group
Key items
  • Customer service
  • Meter data collection & calculation
  • Billing
  • Pricing management
  • Analytics
  • Integration with external systems
Latvijas Gāze Group
  • Designing a new billing solution based on MECOMS™ platform according to international standards;
  • Building a solution based on current trends in open markets with high competition (Open Markets);
  • Support for complex and dynamic products (including Take or Pay terms, Gaspool Index, Dynamic Pricing Product Models);
  • Deep integration with external systems via Market Messages (Lursoft, GASO system).
  • The solution includes meter data collection, calculation in accordance with the tariff policy, billing, as well as the analytics for better decision making.
  • The solution supports take-or-pay, Gaspool Index, dynamic pricing product models and integration with external systems via Market Messages